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About Me


I was born and raised in California and earned my Master's degree in Counseling and Higher Education. I have completed various trainings in California and internationally, such as Bali and Greece. 


Treatment style: I provide my clients with top of the line treatment. I use effective personalized deep breathing techniques and meditations to help decrease your stress and anxiety. I also provide a direct and motivating therapeutic approach to help my clients meet their treatment goals. I have 95% success with my clients and know that I provide quality therapeutic services. If you are ready to work as a team and make a positive change in your life, contact me to get you started. 

I am certified in 

  • ERP

  • CBT

  • Mindfulness 

  • TF-CBT

What sets me apart from most therapists,

I am certified in 4 different treatment modalities which allow me to use different techniques to address different symptoms and concerns which allows my client's to have an array of treatment teniques to assist with their mental health concerns. Most therapist are certified in one or 2 modalities. I am passionate about providing my clients with quality mental health care by providing various effective techniques to reach your goals.

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