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break through emotional Barriers.

Have you ever felt depressed? Not sure how to control your anxiety? Need tactics to reduce your stress? How have you dealt with these emotions in the past? Do you still grapple with these feelings today? If so, you're in the right place and it's time to break this cycle. 

My name is Ashley Ward, a professional consultant, and I help women navigate through emotional and mental struggles.


  • Deep breathing techniques to help you form awareness and mindfulness. The benefits to using meditation techniques will help you feel grounded and balanced while elevating your awareness.  

  • Thought processing techniques to get to know you and to break through your barriers. The benefits to using mental health skills are to help you form insight of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This technique will optimize your result of feeling empowered.

  • Energy clearing techniques to help you keep your "good vibes". The benefits to using reiki provides you with effective tools to remove unwanted and negative energy.  In other words, "Good vibes only." This technique will have you feeling energetically uplifted. 

Let's get started!