Helping Women Live A Balanced and Happier Life.

Ready to start feeling emotionally and energetically happier? If so, you're in the right place and it's time to break free from your mental stress. 


Ashley Ward

How can I help you,Girl? 

1 on 1 Session

I want personalized sessions that give me individualized techniques to overcome my depressed mood and/or anxious mood. 

Group Session

I want to be part of a wellness women's group that offers me effective techniques to feeling empowered . 

Who Is Ashley ?

6 Years ago, I graduated with a Master's Degree in Counseling and worked in the Mental Health field for 5 years. I decided to take my skills and build a unique practice to help clients on a deeper level. Combining wellness techniques, therapy skills, and motivational coaching. 

Fast forward to today, I'm helping women across the world to manage their stress with my cognitive behavioral skills and teaching them effective wellness techniques;

empowering them to live a fulfilled life.