Teaching Women how to manage Stress and live a healthier life.

       Wellness Consultant                     Ashley Ward


How can I help you,Girl? 

Self Care Products 

I want self care products to help me manage my stress. I'm ready to get started.

Psychologist Session

1 on 1 Session

I want personalized sessions that support me with curated reiki, meditations, and customized techniques so I can feel relaxed and grounded in my life.


Ashley has an aura that makes you feel at ease and empowered to handle Any situation you are going through.  When I needed support through a difficult time in my life she was able to use reiki, essential oils, and thought processing techniques to help me face my fears and discover the courage to make a plan to take care of myself. 

Fallon B.

I highly recommend Ashley. Ashley is very insightful and always opens my eyes to a new different perspective. With her guidance I was able to understand a lot of traits and reasons why I reacted to certain situations the way I reacted. She helped me learn about myself and how I relate to others. Ashley is real and direct and I appreciate that. 
Every time I talk with Ashley I feel recharged and motivated.  She exudes this positive energy, authenticity and knowledge.

Elena A.


Who Is Ashley ?

7 years ago, I graduated with a Master's Degree in Counseling and worked in the Mental Health field for 5 years. I decided to take my skills and build a unique practice as a wellness consultant to help clients on a deeper level. Combining wellness techniques, meditations, reiki, therapy skills, and motivational coaching. 

Fast forward to today, I'm helping women across the world to manage their stress with my cognitive behavioral skills and teaching them effective wellness techniques;

empowering them to live a healthier life.